Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Dirty South Rocks Southeast Black and Blue Weekend

Sept 30th and Oct 1st marked the start of a new event for the Atlanta, GA Leather, Fetish, and Kink communities.  For the past two years we have held Southeast Rubber Weekend, which held the Mr. Southeast Rubber contest.  This year we decided to expand the weekend into one large celebration of Leather, Fetish, and Kink with Southeast Black and Blue weekend.  This event will now be the home to the Southeast LeatherSIR/boy/Community Bootblack contests as well as the Mr. Southeast Rubber contest.

We kicked off the weekend with the Mr. SE Rubber interviews followed by a meet and greet that evening with BDSM demos all around at the Atlanta Eagle.  The brothers and sisters of Panther Leather Levi club manned the bar and served Jell-O shooters to everyone. 

It was great to see the people who came from around the country to join us to kick off this huge event of ours.  We had friends from LA, San Fran, Denver, Charlotte, Knoxville, Baltimore, and even Fort Lauderdale.  We are very grateful for everyone who came to support us. 

Saturday afternoon the Atlanta Eagle hosted a BBQ and Beer Bust for us and we had several volunteers who set up demo stations to let people try different BDSM activities that they had always been interested in.  Lots of fun was had by everyone it seemed.

That night we got the contest underway and we were very happy to have the Lovely Luna emceeing alongside SIR Alan and myself.

At the end of the contest we were very proud to announce two new Southeast Regional titleholders:
Southeast Community Bootblack 2012, Girl Dale
Mr. Southeast Rubber 2012, Jamie Payne

Unfortunately we did not have any SIR/boy contestants the night of the contest, so we are currently working with Leather clubs from around the Southeast to appoint a SIR & boy for 2012.

The dates for Southeast Black and Blue weekend 2012 will be October 5-6 at the Atlanta Eagle so mark your calendars.

Thanks to all of the support that we received during the weekend we will be able to provide each of our regional titleholders up to a $1,000.00 travel scholarship for the expenses to get them to their International Contests.

Gulf Coast LeatherSIR/boy/CBB weekend

A few weeks back I had the great opportunity to join SIR Alan for our first trip to Dallas, TX.  I was one of the two tallymasters for the Gulf Coast LeatherSIR/boy/Community Bootblack contest held at the Dallas Eagle. 
The weekend got off to an awesome start when Parker picked us up from the airport and took us to one of the best burger places I've ever eaten at, Hunkies. 

OMG talk about a good thick juicy piece of meat.... What I'm talkin about the hamburger!

Then we went to the home of Jeffrey Payne, International Mr. Leather 2009, and his partner David (and their six four legged kids).  It was such an honor to be welcomed into their home like family.  They are such great men.

So many people came in from out of town and from other ILSb/ICBB regions to support the event, it was a great reunion.  SIR Olivier and his family came down from Oklahoma, Dan, Stephen, and SIR Bill came out from Phoenix, and lots more.  It was also so great to see my brother Cully as he finished out his regional year as Gulf Coast Leatherboy 2011.

The entire weekend was such a blast.  We had a meet and greet Friday evening to meet the contestants and the participants for the weekend.  Saturday we had the contestant interviews as well as the rest of the contest that evening.  Then it was time for some social time at the bar and we got the chance to meet a lot of the locals who make this such a great city. 

Sunday morning we all got ready and headed off to a great Mexican Food retauraunt before we headed home.  Had such a blast in Dallas and can't wait to go back again soon!

I'm very proud to announce that the new Gulf Coast Leather Family is:

SIR Jack Duke
boy Michael Dang
Community Bootblack Brenton who will be serving his region for a second year.

Congratulations to all of you and I can't wait to see how your year goes.