Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My brother Rene - an amazing Leatherboy and Leatherman

Not only was I invited to be in Calgary Canada this past weekend for the Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy contest.  I was also personally invited by one of my classmates from ILSb 2011 to be beside him for the end of his Regional Year as Western Canada Leatherboy 2011.
I may have only met boy Rene Hebert four short months ago, but he has quickly taken hold of a close spot in my heart.  In just four short months I have gotten the chance to watch boy Rene grow in ways that I’m not sure he thought possible.  To say that I am very proud of him would be a gross understatement.  Not only did he do an amazing job during his Regional title year by doing everything within his ability to see as much of his huge region as he could, but he also made his Family, Friends, Producers, and Country proud by being named First Runner-Up International Leatherboy 2011. 
To put it simply, boy Rene is the embodiment of what running for a title is all about.  It isn’t about being on the top of the world, or being the center of attention (Although trust me, you do end up getting a lot of attention LOL).  Running for a Leather Title is all about becoming a stronger, more confident, Leatherman/Leatherwoman. 
I know that boy Rene’s Regional Title year has come to an end, but I also know that the journey that this has started is just beginning. 
I don’t say this very often, because to me these words are very sacred, boy Rene Hebert is truly my Brother until the end, and I am humbled and honored to call him one of my dearest friends.
I love ya Eh ya Hoser!

pup Nitro
International Leatherboy 2011

A Southern Pup's Journey to the Frozen North (Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy contest)

I have never been tempted to start a blog post with the word “Y’all” so much in my life (insert “eh?” here) as I do right now.  I am sitting on a Delta flight from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on my way back to the U.S. and the Dirty South.  There were certainly plenty of people who got a kick out of my Southern phrases this weekend, and I even got the chance to throw around an “Eh?” here and there myself. 
SIR Alan and I flew off to Calgary this weekend on our first International Trip.  We were invited there to judge the Western Canada Leather SIR/boy contest alongside our classmates from ILSb, Sir Chuck and his boy Iain, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/boy 2011, and Rob who is one of the producers of the awesome rubber event Rubout in Vancouver.  Sir Scott and boy Renee, Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy 2011 (boy Renee is also First Runner-Up International Leatherboy 2011) elected to emcee the event instead of taking a seat on the judging panel.
I must say that leading up to the weekend SIR Alan and I were certainly a little intimidated by the weather forecast, as it was scheduled to drop down to WHOA DAMN COLD as I called it, but I would not have traded it for the world because of some of the beautiful scenery the cold allowed us to see.  We were taken by one of the Regional Producers (Thanks Mr. Jimmy!) up to a local retreat town of Banff which is located in the Canadian Rockies and I got to see frozen bodies of water for the first time in my life.  I even got to see a waterfall that was frozen over.  As most people know I am totally allergic to nature, but even I have to admit that the site was simply breathtaking.
Friday night we kicked off a meet and greet at the Calgary Eagle (Awesome Bar by the way), and we were treated to some Western Canadian Hospitality.  The judges and crowd got the chance to meet the three contestants for this year’s contest, SIR Marc, boy Daniel, and boy Berith.  Saturday morning we all met back at the Eagle for the private interviews of the contestants followed by some great workshops.  This is the first year that the contest has included public workshops for people to enjoy, and they certainly went over very well.  Sir Chuck and his boy Iain taught a great Electro class focusing not only on Pleasurable E-Stim, but also Electro Torture.  Soon after that Sir Scott taught a hot wax play class. 
Saturday night after an amazing home cooked dinner by Sir Jonathan’s boy we all geared up and headed back to the Eagle.  Within minutes of walking in the door we were greeted by more of that Famous Western Canadian Hospitality…. This time in the form of shooters LOL. 
The bar was packed wall to wall for the evening’s contest, and everyone sure as hell enjoyed the speeches, jock strap presentation, as well as Fantasy scenes that were all well thought out by the contestants.
At the end of the evening the new Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy pair for 2012 was named as SIR Marc and his boy Daniel. 
I would like to congratulate each and every one of the contestants from this year’s class because in just a short weekend’s time I got the chance to see each of them grow.  Great job guys, I look forward to watching you over years to come.

We had a blast!
pup Nitro
International Leatherboy 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A very slick time at MIR 2012 in Chicago, IL.

This weekend in Chicago, Il, the Mr. International Rubber (MIR) competition and event turned 15 years old.  Fifteen years is a great milestone for any event in our community and I am so happy to see it prospering.  Not only was the event itself a huge success in attendance numbers, but also the people there were having the time of their lives.  The entire event was held at Chicago’s amazing LGBTQ center, The Center on Halstead in the heart of Boystown.  The Center not only houses an Internet Café and meeting rooms for those that need them, but also a full service gymnasium and theater style auditorium.  The MIR crew comes in every year and turns the entire gymnasium into one large Rubber & Kink playground for the attendees.  Including a huge vendor mart and demo area for Rubber bondage demos.

Friday evening kicked off with the “Greet the Meat” cocktail reception for everyone to get the chance to meet the judges and contestants that were going to be showing off for the weekend.  Then we all made our way into the auditorium to get the contest underway.  There were eight contestants this year from around the globe.  Longtime emcee, Eddie Hibbs (Disco-Eddie) kicked off the contest with an introduction of the contestants and a pop question.  Later in the evening this was followed by the much anticipated return of the “Wet Rubber Fantasy” section.  The crew brought out a fully functioning shower rig and the contestants re-enacted their fantasy under the “warm” water (Yeah, I’ve been in that rig – it aint that warm LOL) while Eddie read their written fantasy aloud.  There were certainly some of the fantasies that made me want to just rub one out I can assure you of that!

Saturday afternoon the contestants and judges began their interview process while upstairs in the gymnasium the kink continued.  Some awesome bondage demos were going on in the play area.  The Chicago Puppy Patrol hosted a great pup romp that was a lot of fun.  Mummified boys got drug around by their ankles like sleds LOL.  Everyone was certainly having a great time. 

For the first time the MIR crew put together some workshops for people to participate in.  I was very proud to have been asked to participate in a Panel discussion on “Building your Kink Community” alongside my great protégés Reid Dalgleish from Vancouver and Tynan Fox from Minneapolis.  To quote a dear friend from Atlanta “Holy crap when did I become one of the adults.”  A huge thanks to Topher for organizing this and letting me participate.
Saturday evening we kicked off the final part of the MIR 2012 contest with the always fun “Grab Bag” and on stage question.  The grab bag portion is where each contestant is given the chance to select a bag of unknown toys (combination from $1.00 store and vender mart) and has to use each of them on the demo bottom provided.  That poor boy was covered in everything from pudding to syrup to mustard, and had been violated with mousetraps, rubber bands, forceps, dog toys, etc.  He was having so much fun that he had a few “wardrobe malfunctions” during the evening and parts just kept popping out of his small rubber shorts WOOF!!!!  Never gotten that much of a show at a contest before.  There was even a game to guess how long it would take for a huge inflateable rubber suit to explode from being over-inflated LOL.

At the end of the night the new MIR 2012 and runner up’s were named as:
MIR 2012 – Si (Mr. Rubber UK)
First Runner Up – Richard (Mr. Rubber New England)
Second Runner Up – Gary (Mr. Toronto Rubber)

Great job to all eight contestants you each did a great job and I look forward to seeing what each and everyone of you do with the rest of your title year.
To Si, welcome to the International Titleholder Family, please let me know if you need anything at all, I am only a phone call, Facebook, Recon, Grindr, Scruff, or e-mail away LOL.
Now SIR Alan and I are headed back home to enjoy some time at home with slave scott for the next few days before heading off to Calgary Canada for the Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy contest later this month.  I’ve never been and I’m super excited!