Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wow - It has been 363 days since I won the title of International Leatherboy 2011.  What a year its been.  Everyone has been asking me if I'm sad that I'm stepping down. The answer is "No".  This year has been incredible for me, and it is far from over.  However, it is now time for the next boy to write his chapter.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped to support SIR Alan and I this year we really appreciate it.  This year has meant so much personal growth for me in ways that I never really thought would happen. I had so many emotional breakthroughs this year that were not even on my radar to accomplish.
There is so much that happened to me this year that I could probably crash BlogSpot talking about it.  I'm just going to sum it up and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Today I sit here in the hotel for ILSb/ICBB 2012 enjoying breakfast before we get ready to go to the Producer's meeting and the contestant's meeting for this year's contestants.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

pup Nitro
International Leatherboy 2011